If you’d like to download an old version of CoursesPlus, please see the archive.


+ A menubar icon allows you to access upcoming events, services, and quick links easily

+ Click on an emotion in messaging to insert it

| Make service options page open on service enable

| Fix internal issues

| Fix text color mismatch on service upsell dialog

| Improve logo handling for themes with black navbars

| Fix Emotions and Send message buttons not being the same size

| Make some changes to how navbar messages are handled

| Prepare for new website design


+ Added themes

+ Added weather forecast service

+ Added more fonts

| Added process for creating services

| Fixed lunch menu loading forever

| Changed options for services

| Options page re-design


+ Added services! You can connect Courses+ with other websites - look for the “Services” section of the options page.

+ Added an optional lunch menu block - see your lunch on the main page

+ Added messages to the navigation bar

+ Added prefixes to the new assignment page for teachers

+ Added import/export of settings

+ Added optional analytics. No personal data is collected, and you can turn it off from the Options page.

| Fixed some internal issues

| Fixed the grading page for teachers

| Fixed glossary layouts

| Fixed the My home page

| Made blog posts readable

| Fixed the “CoursesPlus” logo not being centered

| Fixed odd centering of text

| Fixed names being cut off when uploading files

| Fixed a small gradebook table

| Made the weird transparent thing have a white background

| Fixed blurry message icons

| Fixed a messed up topic collapser

| Fixed comments touching the sidebar

| Fixed issues with changed role names

| Fixed red text

| Fixed old-style buttons

| Fixed weirdly small icons on dropdowns

| Made some changes to the minicalendar event viewer

| Fixed the grid with small viewports

| Fixed odd flashing on page load


+ Added version number to error log code

+ Added Storage info section on options page

+ Added three more logos!

+ Added logos to the new navbar

+ Added super-special debug mode to help track down issues

+ Added a grid to the options page

| Changed icon

| Fix bug when disabling Bootstrap-ification

| Fix homework and course background color

| Fix bug with fonts on Windows computers

| Updated chosen to version 1.3.0

| Began work on other browser version

| Fix grid bug with smaller windows

| Fix width of login screen

| Updated jQuery v1.11.2

| Improved options page

| Fixed the table overflow feature

| Fixed size of “Assignments submitted” text

| Fixed Emotions button popping up in random places

| Fixed “person has updated their submittion” box on teachers’ chat pages

| Fix stretched quiz icon

| Fix teacher livelog page navbar

| Fix tag textboxes for blog entries

| Fixed the “Printer-friendly version” link on glossary pages

| Fixed size of Upcoming events block

| Fixed missing buttons on the TinyMCE (rich text editor)

| Fixed add activity dialog being cut off

| Fixed teacher edit mode messing up labels and assignments with long names

| Fixed cut-off checkboxes on add/edit assignment pages

| Fixed the yellow box for teacher edit mode being cut off

| Fixed forum search bar not being centered

| Fixed weird login button bug

| Fixed some news forum stuff

| Fixed square button on add submittion page

| Improved error handling of background image uploading

| Removed unused code


| Fixes bug with people getting messages that they can’t enroll in French class.


+ Added an “upcoming events” button for courses

| Prepared the code for version 3.0

| Fixed the nice hover effect for the course edit buttons

| Made tiny and probably hardly noticable tweaks to the minicalendar

| Improved message sending

| Hopefully completely killed the occasional resurrection of an annoying bug with My home from version 2.5/2.6.


+ Added warning when you don’t select a file to upload.

| Made new message notification slightly nicer

| Fixed emotion tpyo (:staightface: -> :straightface:)

| Fixed bug with multiple of the same emotions in the same message

| Fixed font size of “Course updates:” and “Event key”

| Fixed bug with >:( and :( in the same message

| Added a color picker for course colors.

| Added a separate color for the navigation bar

| Fixed bug with HW being cut off if teacher used wide tables

| Fixed crashing and burning with “Manage my private files…”

| Increased maximum background file size (now 2MB!)


+ Added color selector for background color

+ Added color selector for text color

+ Added link text color option

+ Added ability to mark events as done

+ Added custom background images!

+ Added link to options page in user dropdown menu

| Fixed weirdness with the Upcoming Events menu items

| Moved the “New event” button for the Upcoming Events page

| Fixed white-on-white text for MathJax expressions

| Made some tweaks to calendar sizing

| Improved error handling

| Improved session timeout page

| Made text color actually work

| Fixed “undefined” appearing when not logged in

| Fixed lightbox zoom issues

| Made some space between the “My home” grid items

| Fixed bug with collapsed navbar


| Fixed a bug with new installs

| Small messaging fixes (preparing for a bigger change)

| Changes to boxes on the sides (“asides”)


| Prepared to move to the webstore!


| Fixed a REALLY BAD bug with the navigation bar and smaller windows.


+ Made some parts of Courses have a white background (calendar, events, etc.) to make things better for people with different background colors

+ Made the login screen more compact and nicer-looking.

+ Made some changes to the internals of Courses+ to make it more efficient

+ Added “This feature requires…” text to the options page

+ Added a brand-new and shiny navigation bar!

+ Added more font choices!

| Fixed bug with lightbox image galleries

| Fixed bug with disappearing course icons in grid view.


+ Added new options page, powered by Bootstrap!

+ Added background color settings.

+ Added text color settings.

+ Added settings for individual courses on the main page - you can now give them all different backgrounds and fonts.

| Fixed a missing space in the “Search courses” text.

| Fixed bug that made “My home” not customizable again.

| Fixed bug where height of “My home” would be incorrectly calculated and have weird results.

| Fixed bug where the “Stop customizing this page” button would be cut off.

| Fixed bug where sometimes settings for the main page would not run.

| Fixed bug with weird shadow under date when you mouse over it.

| Fixed bug where PDF files would not load.

| Fixed bug where the New Event button would look weird.


+ Finally removed the annoying “flash” when you visit a Courses page.


| Fix navigation bar text being too big.


+ Added an options page to provide control over what features you want enabled.

+ Prepared code for 1.5 so we can remove that annoying “flash” when you visit a Courses page.

+ Allowed Bootstrap to control more parts of the page. This changes some things, like the font.

+ Re-added breadcrumb bars (the things that come up when you go to a course), but tried to make them elegant-ish.

+ Made events on the calendar “stretch out” to make things look nicer.

| Fixed issue with “Customize this page” buttons not showing up.


| Fixed the “My Home” page.


| Initial public release.